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Further information: Zodiac and Astrological sign ... Name, Meaning, Image, Text, Emoji, Unicode, Symbol represents.

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Mar 20, 2022 ... Zodiac Sign Text Symbols 路 Aries: 鈾堬笌 路 Taurus: 鈾夛笌 路 Gemini: 鈾婏笌 路 Cancer: 鈾嬶笌 路 Leo: 鈾岋笌 路 Virgo: 鈾嶏笌 路 Libra: 鈾庯笌 路 Scorpio: 鈾忥笌聽...

Zodiac Text Symbols to Copy and Paste 鈾夛笌 鈾嬶笌 鈾堬笌 鈾庯笌

Zodiac Symbols, Name Of Zodiac Symbol, Zodiac Sign Unicode. 鈾堬笌, Aries (Ram), U+2648. 鈾夛笌, Taurus (Bull), U+2649. 鈾婏笌, Gemini (Twins), U+264A.

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Copy paste cute symbols, emoji text signs on your iPhone/Android, Mac and PC computer. ... How to type zodiac signs, also its HTML entities and Unicode.

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