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XGF - Definition by AcronymFinder

XGF 路 Ex-Girlfriend ; XGF, Xerox Generic Format (printing) ; XGF, Extreme Gaming Faction (gaming clan)聽...

What does XGF stand for? - XGF meaning - 10 definitions by ...

What does XGF stand for? 路 鈥 Ex-Girlfriend 路 鈥 Xerox Generic Format 路 鈥 XML Game Format 路 鈥 XBox360 Gamerscore Forum 路 鈥 Extreme Gaming Faction 路 鈥 Xtreme Growth聽...

XGF - What does XGF stand for? The Free Dictionary

XGF, Xml Game Format ; XGF, Ex-Girlfriend ; XGF, Xerox Generic Format (printing) ; XGF, Extreme Gaming Faction (gaming clan)聽...

Ex-girlfriend Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of EX-GIRLFRIEND is a former girlfriend (sense 3).

XGF | What Does XGF Mean?

The abbreviation XGF means "Ex-Girlfriend ." It is used to refer to any female with whom there was previously a romantic relationship. XGF doesn't actually say聽...

XGF Definition: Ex-Girlfriend | Abbreviation Finder

The XGF means Ex-Girlfriend. We are proud to list acronym of XGF in the largest database of abbreviations and acronyms. The following image shows one of the聽...

Glossary 鈥 Blackhawks Breakdown

One could search on the Internet and find the technical definition of these stats, ... Expected Goal For Percentage 鈥 (xGF%) 鈥 is a stat where we use shot聽...

Understanding NHL Advanced Stats: A Beginners Guide Part 2

May 2, 2020 ... Similar to corsi, the is expected goals for (xGF) and expected goals ... These stats will mean nothing if one doesn't know what a good stat聽...

Expected Goals (xG) Models Explained 鈥 Jetsnation

Jan 7, 2020 ... ... term 'Expected Goals Share' (xGF%) and we all hear 'goals above ... Each row is instance, meaning it's an identified unblocked shot.

XGF 禄 What does XGF mean? 禄

The meaning of XGF is: exgirlfriend. Find more definitions for XGF on!