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Window Emoji

Window was approved as part of Unicode 13.0 in 2020 and added to Emoji 13.0 in 2020. Copy and Paste. Copy and paste this emoji: Copy.

Window Emoji

Emoji: Window (Frame | Fresh Air | Opening | Transparent | View | Window) ... Copy & Paste | Languages. Copy! Google (Android 12L) Google. Android 12L ...

Window Emoji — Meaning In Texting, Copy & Paste

Window emoji is an image of an open window with curtains billowing in the wind. Windows allow you to look to the... Combinations: Oh, shit!

Windows keyboard tips and tricks

Insert emojis, GIFs, and symbols with the emoji panel ... keypad on your keyboard, you don't have to find one and copy and paste, you can just do it!

- Window Emoji: U+1FA9F - Unicode Character Table

U+1FA9F · Click to copy and paste symbol · Technical information · Emoji · Отображение этого Emoji в разных системах · Emoji meaning · Properties · Household.

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The 'desktop window' emoji is a special symbol that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Your device needs to support this particular emoji ...

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Get meaning, pictures, codes, symbols to copy & paste, similar & related emoji! The Window Emoji is listed in Objects category since 2020 as part ...

Window Emoji

Emoji Window meanings. Copy and paste Window Emoji for Iphone, Android and get HTML codes.

' ' meaning: window Emoji | EmojiAll

This is a wooden frame window with transparent glass. ... generally means a window, and can also me. ... Copy and paste this emoji: Copy.

Emoji Stories™ on Twitter: "2⃣ the window (/•_•)/ 2⃣ the wall (•_ ...

Dec 18, 2012 ... 2⃣ the window (/•_•)/ 2⃣ the wall (•_•) 'til the drips down my , 'til all deez crawl. Aww .