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Why Is Gonorrhea Called The Clap? | Manhattan Medical Arts

Gonorrhea, also called 'the clap' is an extremely contagious sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is a bacterial infection ...

What is the clap?

Aug 11, 2021 ... 'The clap' is a slang term for gonorrhea. People also call gonorrhea, 'the drip.' These words can stigmatize and shame someone for having an ...

Gonorrhea: Causes & Symptoms

Nov 25, 2020 ... Gonorrhea, a bacterial infection, is also called 'the clap' or 'drip.' It's a common sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Gonorrhoea (the clap) - symptoms, treatments and prevention ...

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria. It is sometimes known as 'the clap'. It can affect the urethra (the ...

What's a 'Clapback'? | Merriam-Webster

Clapback is a noun that derives from an earlier verb, clap back, which refers to the same thing: responding to a criticism with a withering comeback.

Why is Gonorrhea Called the Clap? - Nurx™

There are many theories as to why the sexually-transmitted disease, gonorrhea, is often referred to as the clap. The name is believed to have derived from ...

Gonorrhea (The Clap): Symptoms, How You Get It, & Treatment

Mar 25, 2021 ... Gonorrhea, also sometimes called 'the clap,' is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) (also called a sexually transmitted infection, ...

Ask Greg: Why is Gonorrhea Called the Clap? | One Medical

Sep 16, 2016 ... But let's get something clear right off the bat: a lot of people think the clap refers to chlamydia since they start with the same letter.

Gonorrhea Gonococcal Infection (clap, drip)

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea? Men infected with gonorrhea will have burning while urinating and a yellowish white discharge from the penis. Those few ...

Clap - Urban Dictionary

Clap · 1. To strike one's own palms together, creating a distinct sound. · 2. An instance of Gonorrhea, which is an STD characterized by pain and discharge in the ...