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Marathi Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of MARATHI is the chief Indo-Aryan language of the state of Maharashtra in India.

Marathi Definition & Meaning |

Marathi is a language spoken mainly in Maharashtra, a state in the Republic of India, a southern Asian country. Marathi is a member of the Indic family of ...

what - Meaning in Marathi

what - Meaning in Marathi, what is the meaning of what in Marathi dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms, usage examples and definitions of what in Marathi and ...

FREE English to Marathi Translation - Instant Marathi Translation

Use our translator tool as English to Marathi dictionary. For E.g. "Please" meaning in Marathi will be "कृपया (Kripaya)" "Together" meaning in Marathi will ...

Marathi language - Wikipedia

Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language predominantly spoken by Marathi people in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the official language of Maharashtra, ...

Marathi Definitions | What does marathi mean? | Best 5 Definitions of ...

Define marathi. Marathi as a noun means The Indo-Aryan language of the Marathas..

Information on Non-reactive (Negativ)e HIV Test Results

... Non-reactive (Negative) HIV Test Results. You have received a non-reactive HIV test result today. This almost always means you are not living with HIV.

Marathi | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

3 days ago ... Marathi definition: 1. a language spoken in western India: 2. in or of the Marathi language: 3. a language spoken in…. Learn more.

आत्या - Wiktionary

Inherited from Old Marathi आत (āta), from Maharastri Prakrit 𑀅𑀢𑁆𑀢𑀸 (attā), ... Berntsen, Maxine, 'आत्या', in A Basic Marathi-English Dictionary, ...

Marathi/Days - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

English, Marathi. Pronunciation. Monday, सोमवार, Somavār. Tuesday, मंगळवार, Mangaḷavār. Wednesday, बुधवार, Budhavār.