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SOS - Wikipedia

SOS is a distinctive Morse code sequence and not an abbreviation, but in popular usage it is associated with phrases such as "Save Our Souls" and "Save Our Ship ...

The Meaning Of SOS - SOS Children's Village BC

In Morse Code, 'SOS' is a signal sequence of three dits, three dats, and another three dits spelling 'S-O-S'. The expression 'Save Our Ship' was probably coined ...

SOS Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of SOS is an internationally recognized signal of distress in radio code - - - used especially by ships calling for help.

Sos Definition & Meaning |

What does SOS mean? ... The letter sequence SOS (pronounced S-O-S) is used in Morse code as a distress signal—a way to call for help during an emergency, such as ...

What Does SOS Stand For? | Mental Floss

Dec 13, 2012 ... What Does SOS Stand For? ... A lot of people think that the distress signal is an ...

What Does SOS Stand For – SOS Meaning | Reader's Digest

Jun 18, 2021 ... 'Save Our Ship!' 'Save Our Souls!' 'Save On Socks (at Sal's Irregular Sock Emporium)!'. Technically 'SOS,' doesn't officially stand for any ...

SOS definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

An SOS is a signal which indicates to other people that you are in danger and need help quickly. The ferry did not even have time to send out an SOS. COBUILD ...

Sos Definitions | What does sos mean? | Best 9 Definitions of Sos

Origin of sos ... From the letters represented by the signal, chosen as a sequence that is easy to recall and transmit (· · · "' "' "' · · ·); it is not, as is ...

What Does SOS Mean?

May 28, 2021 ... surrounding the origin and use of maritime distress calls. Most of the general populace believes that 'SOS' signifies 'Save Our Ship.' Casual ...

SOS Meaning in History and Today

If you've always heard that SOS stands for 'save our ship,' the real SOS meaning may surprise you. This important series of three letters is a universal ...