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What Type of Hat Does Santa Wear? – Hat Realm

The type of hat that Santa wears is the form of a stocking cap. Generally, a stocking cap is long, has a conical shape, and features a beautiful tassel at theΒ ...

What is another word for "Santa hat"?

What is another word for Santa hat? ; fez Β· beanie ; skullcap Β· small hat ; bowler Β· Panama ; skimmer Β· straw ; bucket Β· sombrero.

Do the red Santa hats have a distinct name? - Quora

Santa's cap actually has several names through out the ages. It is known as the Pileus, Cap of Liberty, and Freedman's Cap during the pagan holiday ofΒ ...

5 Intriguing Facts About the Santa Hat – Hat Realm

Thousands of people refer to the iconic red hat as the Santa hat. However, that's not the hat's real name, as it is really a pileus hat. The pileus hat wasΒ ...

What Is Santa's Hat Called?

The hat Santa Claus is depicted as wearing is a stocking cap. A traditional stocking cap has a conical shape, is long and normally features a pompom orΒ ...

Santa hat - Wiktionary

NounEdit Β· Santa hat (plural Santa hats). A red and white hat associated with Santa Claus, with a white bobble on top. quotations β–½.

Santa's Hat Christmas Cocktail | The Kitchen is My Playground

Dec 23, 2018 ... With it's coconut rim and bright red color, this Santa's Hat ... cheer than with a Christmas cocktail named after the jolly old elf himself?

Santa Hats - Santa Claus Christmas Hats | Party City

Don't forget your Santa hat for the holiday party. Choose from a variety of styles, like classic plush hats, light-up hats, hats with beards, and more.

Santa suit - Wikipedia

A red Santa suit, with white fur trim, stocking cap, and black boots. A wide buckled belt, typically included, is not present here.

The Christmas Hat | God Made Us

Santa's red hat is called a Mithraic cap, Phrygian cap, Pileus, or Freedman's cap among other names. The origin of this hat which is commonly worn atΒ ...