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17 Hand Signals Teens Make & What They Mean |

Jun 25, 2021 ... The two fingers together motion can be used in real life, or even in emoji form. It means that they're shy — too shy to say what they're ...

V sign - Wikipedia

Subtle gestures, noise, and artwork are additional symbolic signs that dissidents use in coercive countries. Poland's Solidarity's signal was two fingers held ...

Put/stick two fingers up at someone Definition & Meaning - Merriam ...

The meaning of PUT/STICK TWO FINGERS UP AT SOMEONE is to make an obscene gesture by holding up the index finger and the middle finger of one hand in the ...

When did the middle finger become offensive? - BBC News

Feb 6, 2012 ... What does the gesture mean, and when did it become offensive? ... off captured archers' first two fingers to prevent them shooting arrows.

Learn VoiceOver gestures on iPhone - Apple Support

When VoiceOver is on, standard touchscreen gestures have different effects ... To dismiss the Item Chooser without making a selection, do a two-finger scrub ...

Hand Gestures With More Than One Meaning

Apr 1, 2022 ... And to some (mostly to older generations), two fingers held up with the palm facing out means V for victory—hard to insult anyone with that ...

Use accessibility shortcuts - Android Accessibility Help

Tap accessibility button · Tap floating accessibility button · Change floating accessibility button settings · Two-finger swipe up from bottom, or, if TalkBack is ...

PUT / STICK TWO FINGERS UP AT SOMEONE (phrase) definition ...

Definition of PUT / STICK TWO FINGERS UP AT SOMEONE (phrase): rudely express anger by showing two fingers; show you do not care what someone thinks.

Use Multi-Touch gestures on your Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Apr 13, 2022 ... Tap with one finger to click. Secondary click (right-click) Click or tap with two fingers.

What does the two fingers together emoji ( ) mean on TikTok ...

The majority of people agree that it means 'shy'. As if you were twiddling your fingers together, nervously. The emojis can often be paired with the emoji too ...