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dashing - Urban Dictionary

The phase in a relationship when you are not just "friends with benefits", but not dating yet. The space between girl or boy and friend is filled with a "dash"Β ...

Dashing Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of DASHING is marked by vigorous action : spirited. How to use dashing in a sentence.

What does dashing mean? | Best 9 Definitions of Dashing

Dashing definition ; Audacious and gallant; spirited. Β· 8 ; Marked by showy elegance; splendid. Β· 5 ; Showy; striking; stylish. Β· 3 ; The definition of dashing isΒ ...

Dashing Definition & Meaning |

Dashing definition, energetic and spirited; lively: a dashing hero. See more.

DASHING | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

7 days ago ... a beautiful person, painting, sight, etc. beautifulI've never seen a more beautiful view in my life. attractiveHer husband is reallyΒ ...

Dashing definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Definition of 'dashing' ; 1. full of dash or spirit; bold and lively ; 2. elegant and gallant in appearance and manner. a dashing young cavalry officer ; 1.

Dashing - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

Someone who's dashing is stylish, with a certain bold, attractive spirit. Your dashing uncle might charm and impress your friends with his stories of travelsΒ ...

What does dashing mean?

The action of the verb to dash. ... Spirited, audacious and full of high spirits. ... Chic, fashionable. All heads turned as the dashing young man entered the room.

What does 'you look dashing' means when a girl compliments you ...

Dashing usually means something like handsome with a touch of mystery and excitement. Something like a movie-style secret agent or adventurer.

What does Psalm 137:9 mean when it says, 'Happy is the one who ...

Jan 4, 2022 ... What does Psalm 137:9 mean when it says, 'Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks'? dashing babies againstΒ ...