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Dec 10, 2020 ... Perhaps the most promising of the 2020 plantmoji proposals was the Venus fly trap. After all, there are no other carnivorous plants currently ...

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... a new emoji, here's how! IMHO we NEED a Monstera leaf emoji and an orchid. And a pitcher plant. And a Venus flytrap." / Twitter ...

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601 * 569 14.07 KB Sticker - Venus Fly Trap Png Emoji 2553 * 3103 7169.93 KB Uncommon Trap Warning Spray Fortnite Cosmetic Tier 70 - Llama Emoji ...

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Feb 14, 2014 ... Venus fly trap. Why don't you COME TAKE A LOOK! This graphic is tremendous and is one of our best-loved plants ones. A very cool emoticon ...

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A fly with a dark or iridescent green body, six legs, and two translucent wings. On most platforms, its eyes are red. Can be used to talk about the insect or ...

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