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Flag for Vatican City Emoji

The flag for Vatican City, which may show as the letters VA on some platforms. The Flag: Vatican City emoji is a flag sequence combining Regional Indicator ...

Flag: Vatican City Emoji | VA Flag Emoji

Emoji: Flag: Vatican City (Flag) | Categories: Country Flags | Emoji Version...

Flag: Vatican City Emoji — Dictionary of Emoji, Copy & Paste

Meaning of Flag: Vatican City Emoji. The city located on the territory of Rome, the capital of Italy, and is the residence of the Pope.

' ' meaning: flag: Vatican City Emoji | EmojiAll

The Emoji is composed of two regional indicator letters, namely and . The country/region's 2-letter code for Vatican City is VA, so the letters ...

Vatican City (Holy See) Emoji |

Copy and paste emoji of the flag of Vatican City (Holy See) and see what emoji looks like on Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook platforms.

Flag: Vatican City Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z

Get meaning, pictures and codes to copy & paste! The Flag: Vatican City Emoji was added to the Flags category in 2016 as part of Emoji …

Download Flag: Vatican City Emoji by JoyPixels™

The Flag: Vatican City Emoji (U+1F1FB U+1F1E6) was released by Unicode in 2010, as a part of Unicode Version 6.0. JoyPixels organizes Flag: Vatican City ...

The Emoji Movie - Catholic News Service

Jul 27, 2017 ... The Emoji Movie. 20170727T1149-10774-CNS-MOVIE-REVIEW-EMOJI. Alex, voiced by Jake T. Austin, appears in the animated movie "The Emoji Movie.

Flag: Vatican City Emoji – Meaning, Pictures, Codes

Get meaning, pictures, codes, symbols to copy & paste, similar & related emoji! The Flag: Vatican City Emoji is listed in Flags category since ...

Flag of Vatican City emoji

The Vatican City's flag emoji is one of only two square national flags. It consists of two vertical stripes of gold and white. On the white stripe, the Vatican ...