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V sign - Wikipedia

The V sign is a hand gesture in which the index and middle fingers are raised and parted to make a V shape while the other fingers are clenched.


"Vsign provides the best solution for digital signatures with complete paperless and quick process. Vsign partnership helps in sustained growth with various ...

Naclerio's V Sign | Radiology

Oct 1, 2007 ... Tracheobronchial injury and esophageal perforation are less common causes of pneumomediastinum (,4). Naclerio described the V sign in patients ...

V-Sign: Why East Asians Make Peace Signs in Photos | Time

Aug 4, 2014 ... Spend a few minutes browsing social media, or watch groups of travelers posing in front of a popular tourist attraction, and you're bound to ...

V-sign - Oxford Reference

The quintessential British offensive gesture for most of the 20th century, formed by holding up a hand with the middle and index finger upright in a V shape ...

Contribution of the Fetal Cardiac Axis and V-Sign Angle in First ...

Sep 12, 2018 ... Objective: To estimate the potential value of fetal assessment for the cardiac axis (CAx) and V-sign angle (VSA) in the first trimester in ...

Inverted "V" sign (spinal cord) | Radiology Reference Article ...

Dec 17, 2017 ... The inverted "V" sign, also known as the inverted rabbit ears sign, is a radiological sign described in subacute combined degeneration of ...

The V-Sign: A Simple Radiographic Sign of Shoulder ... - Cureus

Dec 29, 2019 ... The V-sign is a reproducible radiographic sign that can be used to detect glenohumeral subluxation in patients presenting with shoulder pain.

V-Sign Description | F-Secure Labs

V-Sign infects DOS boot sectors on diskettes and Master Boot Records on hard disks. It is only able to infect a hard disk when you boot a machine with an ...

The V sign in lateral talar process fractures: an experimental study ...

Jul 3, 2017 ... The objective was to study whether the V sign is pathognomonic for LTPF and if it can be properly assessed in different ankle positions and ...