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:v (or :V) — Here's What It Really Means

Sep 18, 2021 ... :v for humor ... The meaning of :v that's most directly tied to the awesome face is its use to portray a jokey tone. In this case, you can think ...

Victory Hand Emoji

Emoji Meaning. Most commonly known as a ✌️ Peace Sign, but traditionally called as a Victory Hand. Two fingers held up on one hand making a V sign.

Urban Dictionary: :v

A simple face that conveys an unexplainable emotion. The sender could be happy, sad, annoyed, sarcastic, or a duck. There is just no way to tell. ... Get the :v ...

Victory Hand emoji Meaning |

Aug 27, 2018 ... The victory hand emoji is most often used to represent 'peace' and all the sentiments of unity, harmony, and collective humanity that come with ...

What does the emoticon ':v' mean? - Quora

The V sign is a hand gesture in which the index and middle fingers are raised and parted to make a V shape while the other fingers are clenched. ... When ...

VS Button Emoji ❤️

to compare This is the abbreviation for the word "versus". The orange is orange. This is a gold box with VS in white. This is a sign indicating opposition. A ...

Why do people in Spanish always type ':v'? - Quora

What does the emoticon ":v" mean? oh boy. a mixture of many meanings. for me, i like to keep it cool and simple. personally, it basically means the same ...

Aries Emoji ❤️

Definition, its an object A dominant sign in astrology This is the letter V. The purple button has a pretty V on it. horoscope sign It looks like a vigina ...

Emoticon vs. Emoji: The Key Differences Explained

Jun 12, 2019 ... But the difference between them is actually very simple: emoticons are combinations of symbols available on your keyboard, like letters and ...

VS Button Emoji — Meaning In Texting, Copy & Paste

VS Button emoji is the letters 'VS' in a square. As everyone should know, VS is used to abbreviate the word versus, which is used to show battle challengers. It ...