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Information related to this emoji on the internet

dragon - Urban Dictionary

V. The act of raising your hands over your head while vomiting in an attempt to imitate a fire-breathing dragon. This is usually done while extremelyย ...

sticky dragon - Urban Dictionary

When a woman is going down on a man, right before he ejaculates he pushes down on the back of her head (or punches her in the back of the head) causing he toย ...

The Dragon - Urban Dictionary

After giving a blowjob, the woman takes the load in her mouth, then immediately sneezes or in some way willingly forces the semen back out through herย ...

snarling dragon - Urban Dictionary

Ejaculating into a woman's nostrils, causing her to snarl in rage to clear her nasal cavity, making a sound en enraged dragon might. ... Get the SNARLING DRAGONย ...

fiery dragon - Urban Dictionary

When a man is receiving oral pleasures from a women and proceeds to hold her head down on his unit while climaxing. Thus causing her to choke with man juiceย ...

Green Dragon - Urban Dictionary

An Alcoholic/Canibanoic drink made from soaking weed in an alcoholic beverage. Desired affects increase with increased curing time and using a beverage highย ...

dragon tales - Urban Dictionary

A childrens' show on WBGH/PBS about two Spanish children who transport themselves into Dragon Land or some shit.

Dragons Breath - Urban Dictionary

That feeling you get when you exhale from slamming some seriously fucking potent liquor. A slight burning sensation in which you feel like you could light onย ...

dragon tongue - Urban Dictionary

When a person gives a blow job right after they ate something spicy, causing the hot sensation to transfer. Me and my girl had some hot wings for diner, thenย ...

Dragon Boating - Urban Dictionary

The act of placing ones face in the cleft of the buttocks of another and motorboating the cheeks. Suzie and I were fooling around and I flipped her over andย ...