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beaver - Urban Dictionary

another word for vagina or pussy 路 That bitch got a hairy beaver. 路 will beaver ; A furry critter that sits on your face and tries to swallow your tongue. Mary:聽...

Beaver away Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Definition of beaver away. informal. : to work in a very active and energetic way They've been beavering away for hours. 鈥攐ften + at They're still beavering聽...

beaver - Urban Dictionary

Trucker slang, refers to a woman who is willing to perform sexual acts on a driver (for free). A woman who requires payment for services is referred to as a "聽...

Eager beaver Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of EAGER BEAVER is a person who is extremely zealous about performing ... How to use eager beaver in a sentence. ... Definition of eager beaver.

The Beaver - Urban Dictionary

Beaver 路 1. A large furry rodent with a flat tail that chops down trees and builds dams. 路 2. Slang for a vagina. 路 3. A term for a person who goes/has gone to the聽...

What does beaver mean? | Best 31 Definitions of Beaver

Beaver is defined as a slang and vulgar word for a vagina. An example of a beaver is a woman's vagina as described in a vulgar comedy movie.

wet beaver - Urban Dictionary

1. When a woman is aroused, she will produce arousal juices near her vagina, then she will have a wet beaver. 2. Some say the聽...

Beaver Definition & Meaning |

Beaver as a term for a woman is perceived as insulting because it refers to the female in sexual terms. However, in the 1970s, it was CB radio slang,聽...

beaver - Urban Dictionary

1. A teenage child with abnormally large front teeth. ... Get the beaver mug. beaver.

beaver urban dictionary Archives - Worth A Dam

Aug 30, 2012 ... Tag: beaver urban dictionary ... draw attention to Sarah Summerville's very interesting column in the Beaver Defender Newsletter this month.