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Adele's Upside-Down Face Is Creepy Because of the Thatcher Effect

Mar 3, 2016 ... The illusion is what's known as the Thatcher effect, so called after the former British prime minister whose image was first used for the trick,ย ...

Thatcher effect - Wikipedia

The Thatcher effect or Thatcher illusion is a phenomenon where it becomes more difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside-down face,ย ...

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The Thatcher illusion: Are faces special? | Science | The Guardian

Sep 19, 2016 ... What's wrong with the picture above? Obviously, the two faces are upside down, but does something seem a little odd about one of them?

Upside-Down Face emoji Meaning |

Mar 1, 2018 ... The upside-down face emoji, sometimes known as the upside-down smiley face, has several meanings depending on the context and personality ofย ...

Why do most faces look thinner upside down? - PMC

Oct 11, 2012 ... A face that appears dramatically thinner when inverted. This is not the picture used when the effect was first observed. James Corden holds theย ...

A Psychologist Shared Photos From A Phenomenon Called The ...

The faces seem bizarrely alteredโ€”something people don't tend to notice when it's upside down. Smith explains this as the Thatcher Effect.

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May 8, 2014 - Look at these pictures upside down and you'll find the secret behind these jaw-droppingly funny faces.

Adele and the Margaret Thatcher Effect โ€” Psychology In Action

Mar 7, 2016 ... During the past week, an image of Adele's upside down-face has gone ... In the left picture, Adele's expression appears soft and gentleย ...

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Mar 14, 2014 - Life is full of fun, somethings, you just need to turn a way around, like the upside down faces pictures.