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Upside-Down Face Emoji

A classic smiley, turned upside down. Implemented as a flipped version of Slightly Smiling Face on most platforms. Commonly used to convey irony, sarcasm,Β ...

Upside-Down Face emoji Meaning |

Mar 1, 2018 ... The upside-down face emoji, sometimes known as the upside-down smiley face, has several meanings depending on the context and personality of theΒ ...

Emojiology: Upside-Down Face

Jun 13, 2019 ... Depicting a classic yellow smiley face turned upside down, Upside-Down Face commonly conveys sarcasm, irony, humor, and silliness. It isΒ ...

9 Ways To Use The Upside Down Face Emoji, Because It Can ...

Jan 25, 2016 ... Emojipedia suggests that the upside down face emoji should be used to represent silliness so when you feel goofy or are trying to depict someoneΒ ...

Emojipedia on Twitter: ""What is it? What's it supposed to mean? Am ...

Nov 4, 2019 ... "What is it? What's it supposed to mean? Am I using it correctly?" Everything you want to know about the Upside-Down Face emojiΒ ...

What Does the Upside-Down Face Emoji Mean? | POPSUGAR Tech

Jun 4, 2018 ... According to Emojipedia, the upside-down face emoji is meant to show "silliness or goofiness." It also says it's an "ambiguous emotion," withΒ ...

What Does the Upside Down Emoji Mean?

Mar 1, 2022 ... Exasperation: The emoji offers a subtle, more passive-aggressive way for people to share their annoyance without breaking out the heavyΒ ...

What Does the Upside Down Emoji Mean? All You Need To Know!

This emoji is mostly ironic – you aren't actually smiling but breaking inside. The upside down smiley face can sometimes even mean frustration and distress.

Upside-Down Face Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z

A face that is upside-down while wearing a large smile often represents a sense silliness or goofiness. This emoji is also sometimes used as an ambiguousΒ ...

What does upside down emoticon mean on social apps? - Quora

Consulting Emojipedia for a reference interpretation, the upside-down face emoji is '[c]ommonly used to convey irony, sarcasm, joking,Β ...