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Coat of arms of Ukraine - Wikipedia

Most historians agree that the medieval symbol was not intended as depicting a trident, but rather, was a symbol of the Holy Trinity; it also was most likely a ...

Ukraine Seeks To Upgrade Trident Emblem

Jun 29, 2021 ... In 1918, the trident symbol appeared as a national symbol for independent Ukraine during the country's short-lived 'People's Republic' of 1917- ...

Ukrainian Trident (Tryzub) – Official website of Ukraine

It is short-spoken – and meaningful as well. It reflects heroic events of the past – and it is a stripe of Ukrainian warriors protecting the sovereignty and ...

flag of Ukraine | Britannica

Mar 2, 2022 ... National flags did not exist at that time, but Kievan Rus used as its symbol a trident head, which was resurrected when Ukraine became ...

The Trident ... - Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Alliance for Ukraine

Whatever someone's interpretation of the trident is, the trident represents the nation of Ukraine, its wonderful people and culture, and instills a sense of ...


A trident was the symbol of Poseidon, the sea god of Greek mythology. ... The oldest examples of the trident discovered by archeologists on Ukrainian territory ...

What does the Ukrainian Flag Mean — Young Pioneer Tours

This was due to the fact that a three-fingered salute mimicking the trident was adopted as the symbol of Ukraine's far-right nationalist Svoboda party with many ...

Ukraine - State Arms (The Trident)

Dec 15, 2018 ... It is thought that the trident represented the division of the world into three spheres: the earthly, the celestial, and the spiritual as well ...

Why the UK should remove Ukrainian trident from list of extremist ...

Jan 21, 2020 ... Trident depicts a falcon flying down from the sky to the earth. As falcon is a bird of the sun, the trident in that way symbolizes the light of ...

Ukraine crisis: What do the flags mean? - BBC News

Mar 6, 2014 ... Apart from the well-known Russian, Ukrainian and Soviet flags, several other flags have been seen in the protests in Ukraine.