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Full Name twitter blue sky
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Keywords twitter blue sky

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bluesky (@bluesky) | Twitter

Twitter's funding of Bluesky is not subject to any conditions except one: that Bluesky is to research and develop technologies that enable open andΒ ...


TwitterMatrix. To learn more about the existing decentralized social web, read our ecosystem review. Built with β™‘ by friends of bluesky.

Twitter's decentralized social network project takes a baby step ...

Jan 21, 2021 ... Bluesky, Twitter's decentralized social networking effort, has announced its first major update since 2019. The Bluesky team released aΒ ...

Bluesky (protocol) - Wikipedia

Bluesky is an initiative to develop a decentralized social network protocol. Organized by Twitter as a non-profit initiative, it was announced in 2019 andΒ ...

Twitter's decentralized social network project finally has a leader ...

Aug 16, 2021 ... Bluesky, the decentralized social network project funded by Twitter, will be led by Jay Graber, the creator of Happening.

Twitter Still Wants to Create Its Decentralized Social Network Bluesky

Feb 10, 2021 ... Twitter formed a team dedicated to building a new decentralized social media system, Bluesky, in 2019. The project presents a new model forΒ ...

Twitter taps crypto developer to lead 'bluesky' decentralized social ...

Aug 16, 2021 ... Twitter's ambitious upstart decentralized social media working group 'bluesky' took an important step Monday as the social media companyΒ ...

bluesky (@bluesky) | Twitter

The bluesky project originated with Twitter in 2019, but the Bluesky PBLLC established this year is an independent company focused on decentralized socialΒ ...

Twitter's decentralized future | TechCrunch

Jan 15, 2021 ... In the same thread, he took time to call out a nascent Twitter-sponsored initiative called 'bluesky,' which is aiming to build up an 'openΒ ...

Blue Sky Studios (@blueskystudios) / Twitter

A letter from Blue Sky Co-Founder, Chris Wedge. With the news of Blue Sky's closing, we send 34-years worth of gratitude and appreciation to our friends andΒ ...