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Full Name twitch wrapped
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How to Check Your Twitch Recap 2021? - The Teal Mango

Dec 15, 2021 ... Twitch Recap or Wrapped is a special feature that summarizes a user's activity on the streaming platform, compiles it into an email, and thenΒ ...

What is Twitch Wrapped 2021 and when does the feature come out?

Dec 15, 2021 ... Twitch Wrapped is a feature for both streamers and viewers. Viewers get to see the top categories they have streamed, as well as channels andΒ ...

Stream Summary

Your views come from Twitch pages and products (e.g. Followers, Browse Page), channels on Twitch, and external sources. You can click View Details to seeΒ ...

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Here's how you can get a full 2021 Twitch recap, showing you your most watched games, streamers, most-popular emotes, and more.

How to get Twitch recap? Complete 2021 wrapped guide

Dec 15, 2021 ... Streaming platform Twitch has returned with this year's recap for platform users. The Twitch 'wrapped' feature allows streamers to viewΒ ...

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Jan 18, 2021 ... Twitch has been rolling out 2020 recaps for both viewers and streamers, letting you see who you watched the most, and if you streamed,Β ...

This is why you didn't get a Twitch Recap - SlashGear

Dec 15, 2021 ... If you did not "opt in" to Twitch Marketing Emails, you did not get a Twitch Recap. Users found access to Spotify Wrapped 2021 by openingΒ ...

How to get Twitch Recap? Here's more about your 2020 on Twitch

Jan 16, 2021 ... Twitch has now announced its official 2020 recaps and its users are certainly going crazy about it. They have been trying to ask a number ofΒ ...

Spotify Wrapped is here, as usual, Vapor Twitch is my favorite genre ...

Dec 1, 2021 ... Vapor twitch came up as my second favorite genre β€” I had never heard of that name for it before, so it's what brought me here!

Twitch Rivals on Twitter: "Day 1 IRL challenges all wrapped up ...

Nov 4, 2021 ... Day 1 IRL challenges all wrapped up & look who's on top of the Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge, Live from Vegas leaderboard.