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Translate "Todos" from Spanish to English - Interglot Mobile

Translations 路 todo,. everything, Mod. entirely, Adv. all, Mod. all of it, Mod. complete, Adj 路 todo,. whole, Mod 路 todo, (cadatodos los). each, Mod. every, Adj.

Todos | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

todos 路 1. (en general). a. all. todo el d铆aall day 路 2. (cada, cualquier). a. every. todos los d铆as/lunesevery day/Monday 路 3. (para enfatizar). a. es todo un聽...

Translate Todos from Spanish to English

Todos: Everyone. Spanish. Detailed Translations for Todos from Spanish聽...

English Translation of 'todo' | Collins Spanish-English Dictionary

todo ; (= personas) everybody 路 everyone ; todos los que quieran venir all those who want to come 路 anyone who wants to come.

todos | definition in the Portuguese-English Dictionary - Cambridge ...

Translation of todos 鈥 Portuguese鈥揈nglish dictionary ; adjective, pronoun. all [adjective, pronoun] every one (of a group) when taken together ; noun. ensemble [聽...

Using todo, toda, todos and todas to say all, every and the whole ...

Todo is a meaning all, every or the whole. ... Look at this table: Singular Plural Masculine todo todos Feminine toda todas In Spanish these adjectives聽...

What does TODO mean?

Translations for TODO. From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary. 賱賰賶 賷賮毓賱Arabic; at g酶reDanish; machenGerman; fariEsperanto; hacerSpanish聽...

To-do Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of TO-DO is bustle, stir, fuss. How to use to-do in a sentence.

TODAS - Translation in English -

todas {pronoun} ; everyone 路 (also: todos, todo el mundo, todo bicho viviente, cada cual) ; all 路 [idiom] (everyone) 路 (also: todos) ; all 路 [idiom] 路 (also: todo, toda聽...

Translation in context from Spanish to English - Reverso Context

Spanish-English translation search engine, Spanish words and expressions translated into English with examples of use in both languages.