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Discord Superscript Generator (How to Write Superscript and ...

Discord Superscript Generator Online ยท Copy any text from your discord (or just write it) that you want to convert into superscript. ยท Paste your text in the leftย ...

How to you type subscript in discord? : r/discordapp

Feb 18, 2021 ... You can copy/paste these Unicode characters for some subscript ... but I don't believe you can make any arbitrary text subscript in Discord.

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Discord Superscript Generator gives another style for your social media posts. You can underline your text, post, comment or chat messages using discordย ...

How to Format Superscript in Discord

Superscripts are texts slightly above all the texts. With Discord, superscripts can be easily formatted. We'll show you how to use Discord's superscriptย ...

Superscript & Subscript Markdown Support โ€“ Discord

Bobby Shmurda makes an important point - not everybody that uses Discord does so for gaming, and super-/subscripts have a lot of usage in non-gaming daily life.

How to use superscript, subscript & footnotes in Datawrapper ...

Jul 28, 2020 ... Superscripts are characters set above the normal line of type (e.g. 2โฟแตˆ) and subscript are characters set below (e.g. Cแตฅโ‚‘โ‚“).

The Ultimate Guide to Discord Text Formatting (2022)

Mar 3, 2022 ... Discord Markdown is an engine or a markup language that uses characters to perform simple functions such as Discord text formatting.

Make the "โ„ข" Symbol (and others) Lighter when Using Dark Mode ...

When using dark mode, some symbols are hardly visible, such as Discord's version of โ„ข (:tm:), the heavy check mark (:heavy_check_mark:)...

Superscript Text Generator (แถœแต’แต–สธ and แด˜แด€sแด›แด‡) -

Convert any Normal Font into Superscript Text using our completely free ... students to use the discord superscript feature simply via copying and pasting.

How To Write A Tiny Tm In Discord - DiscordWire

Mar 14, 2022 ... Don't 'correct' trademark symbol to emoji โ€“ Discord Support ... Discord Superscript Generator (How to Write โ€ฆ โ€“ Exoticfonts.