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Flag of Sri Lanka - Wikipedia

The stripes represent the country's two largest minorities, with the orange representing the Tamils living in Sri Lanka – both the Sri Lankan ...

flag of Sri Lanka | Britannica

national flag consisting of a yellow field (background) bearing vertical stripes of green and orange at the hoist and, at the fly end, a crimson rectangle ...

The Colourful Flag of Sri Lanka Explained! - Berger Blog

May 11, 2017 ... When Vijaya, the first King of Sri Lanka came to Sri Lanka from India in 486 BC, he brought with him a flag with a symbol of a lion on it. From ...

Sri Lanka National Flag | History & Facts | Flagmakers

Each element of the flag has a specific meaning. The leaves represent Buddhist loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and happiness, the lion represents ...

Flags, Symbols, & Currencies of Sri Lanka - World Atlas

The flag of Sri Lanka consists of a golden yellow background with two equal vertical stripes. Sri Lankan Flag; Historical Flags; National Anthem; Currency.

Sri Lanka is suspending payments on its foreign debt : NPR

Apr 12, 2022 ... A man waves a Sri Lankan national flag as he stands on a barricade blocking the entrance to president's office during a protest in Colombo, ...

National Flags of Asia :: Nations Online Project

Images and Flag Description of all National Flags of Asian Countries and Territories. ... The National Flags of the Asian States. ... Flag of Sri Lanka.

National Flag

National Flag · The lion in the flag represents the Sinhala race. · The sword of the lion represents the sovereignty of the country. · Curly hair on the lion's ...

Sri Lanka

Description of the Flag. Red(dish) rectangular panel bordered yellow containing a yellow lion passant holding a sword ...

Sri Lanka Flag (Download SVG, PNG)

The Sri Lankan flag is yellow with a green and saffron rectangle on the left and a maroon rectangle on the right with a golden lion holding a kastane sword ...