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Twitter two-factor authentication (2FA) – verification help

If not, you may use a backup code to log in and change your settings. ... from your device with the message content, GO, to the Twitter short code 40404.

Shortcodes | Hugo

Apr 14, 2022 ... Example tweet Input. Pass the tweet's user (case-insensitive) and id from the URL as parameters to the tweet shortcode.

How to use Twitter via SMS or text | Twitter Help

Go to · Click the link that says Activate your account, next to Already using Twitter via text message? · Enter your phone number when ...

Twitter Shortcode for India | Social Media Today

Jan 31, 2008 ... Twitter Shortcode for India · 1. Log in to Twitter. · 2. Click the Settings link in the top navigation bar. · 3. Click Phone&IM. · 4. Enter your ...

Twitter Retires SMS-Based Tweets and Notifications, Citing Security ...

Apr 28, 2020 ... It works by tying your cell phone number to your Twitter account. To post a tweet, you can send an SMS message to a special "short code" ...

Twitter and SMS Spoofing

Dec 5, 2012 ... Most Twitter users interact over the SMS channel using a 'shortcode.' In the US, for instance, this shortcode is 40404.

How to Use Twitter with Text-messaging (SMS) Commands

Mar 19, 2014 ... Use your carrier's messaging short code to access Twitter. In the U.S., all carriers use: 40404 (For a complete list of short codes, ...

Wells Fargo on Twitter: "Ding! Add Wells Fargo's short codes (935 ...

Jan 17, 2019 ... Ding! Add Wells Fargo's short codes (935-57, 937-33, 937-29) to your contacts so you recognize us when we text you.

What is Twitter's short code? - Quora

The common short code (CSC) number for Twitter is 40404. In the United States, the vanity short code number 40404, is registered with the Common Short Code ...

Wells Fargo on Twitter: "Ding! Add Wells Fargo's common short ...

Ding! Add Wells Fargo's common short codes (93557, 93729, 93733, 54687) to your contacts so you recognize us when we text you. Discover more ways to help ...