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Scared Smiley Face Emoji

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Fearful Face Emoji

While intended to represent fear (less intense than Face Screaming in Fear), it also conveys a wide variety of emotions, including feeling amazed, shocked,ย ...

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Shortcut. Emoticon. :) Smiley face. :-) Smiley face. :] Content face. ;). Winky face. ;-). Winky face. :D. Thrilled face. :-D. Thrilled face. ;P. Goofy face.

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Smileys shocked face vector set. Smiley and emoticon shock,...

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For example, typing :-) inserts the smiley-face emoji. Windows 10, however, contains a much larger set of emojis. To access the Windows 10 emoji picker, pressย ...

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Face Screaming in Fear. Screaming in Fear Emoji. Scared Face Icon. Smile Screaming. Emoji shocked face vector set. Emojis and emoticon shock, scared and sadย ...

The smiley face emoji has a 'dark side,' researchers have found ...

Aug 28, 2017 ... If you're old enough to remember the first time you saw smiley faces appearing in work-related memos, you may recallโ€”as I doโ€”vowing to neverย ...

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Mar 4, 2019 ... And remember: These emojis are only visible to you. Snapchat Emoji Meanings. Snapchat Friend Milestones. 1. Smiley Face Emoji on Snapchat.

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Scared smiley for Facebook chat Happy Smiley Face, Emoji Love, Emoji Faces, ... Scared Copy Send Share Send in a message, share on a timeline or copy andย ...

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In recent times, graphical icons, both static and animated, have joined the traditional text-based emoticons; these are commonly known as emoji. A colon,ย ...