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Undertale Emoticons / Emoji / ASCII Art List (Copy&Paste) ㅂ

Sans is most recognizable by his big black eyes. You can use these circles: ⚫ ⬤ ○ ⚈ to make your own Sans emoticons! He likes to grin widely and also ...

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Jan 24, 2016 ... [hey, kiddo, do you wanna buy a hot dog?] (/sans) · [SANS! STOP AND PICK UP YOUR SOCKET!] (/papyrus) · [ok pal, buddy, bro...] (/sans) · [I COME ...

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Steam Community Market :: Listings for 391540-:sans:

:sans: Steam. Undertale Emoticon. what's up? ... (It looks like he's winking, but he's actually just half-sleeping.) Preview: This item is a commodity, ...

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Jan 1, 2020 ... I assume you're working on Windows and you want color emojis, so you have Comic Sans MS and Segoe UI Emoji installed.

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Sep 12, 2020 - Emoticon Comic Sans Symmetry Undertale Free Download Image PNG Image from Miscellaneous Symbol. Download for different resolutions for ...

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Sans emoticon.png. 1584240618232.png. Stay up to date on your Fandom. Stay up to date on your fandom with carefully curated and timely Fandom newsletters.

It's about chime! — bonbon576: This is an emoticon meme with sans....

Apr 16, 2018 ... bonbon576: ' This is an emoticon meme with sans. The base to this meme belongs to the respectful owner. Please if I got anyone's name wrong ...

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