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🀜 Right-Facing Fist Emoji

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Shortcode :right_facing_fist:
Full Name Right-Facing Fist
Codepoint 1F91C
URL Escape Code %F0%9F%A4%9C
Unicode Version U+1F91C
Emoji Version Version 3.0
Category People & Body
Sub Category Hand Fingers Closed
Keywords Right-Facing Fist emoji

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25/10/2020 · The emoji is commonly used to express solidarity with historically oppressed groups or people and social causes. It is also used to convey various ideas of empowerment, political protest and resistance, and civil disobedience. Sometimes, the emoji is used to represent a fist bump, similar to the Oncoming Fist ??, Left-Facing Fist …

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Raised Fist emoji is one of the hand gesture emojis, which look like a fist, pointing up. This gesture in real life is associated with protests and support …

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Raised Fist. Emoji Meaning A fist raised in the air that may be used as a celebratory gesture: the fist pump. Can also be used to represent zero… ?? Left-Facing Fist. Emoji Meaning A fist pointing left, which may be used in conjunction with the right-facing fist to complete a fist …

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Raised Fist Emoji Meaning. A fist raised in the air that may be used as a celebratory gesture: the fist pump. Can also be used to represent zero items, …

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Meaning of ?? Winking Face With Tongue Emoji. Winking Face With Tongue emoji is a smiley with one ?? Eye closed and the other widely open, closed or open (depending on the emoji provider) ?? Mouth and its ?? Tongue out. It looks a bit crazier and much more playful than the basic Face With Stuck-out ?? Tongue smiley β€” and its meaning …

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We collected all hand related emoji here, include some gesture emoji. Click the icon to copy to clipboard ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??. Emoji Plain text Meaning Copy and Paste; ... Left-facing fist: Copy: ??: Right-facing fist:

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Emoji symbol: ??, Name of the character: thumbs up sign, Unicode number for the sign: U+1F44D, the icon is included in the block: Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs. ... Emoji meaning. ... Right-Facing Fist. Raised Fist…

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