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Definition, Meaning and History of the Piñata

Jun 26, 2019 ... A piñata is a figure, traditionally made from a clay pot covered with paper maché and painted or decorated with brightly colored tissue paper, ...

Piñata Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of PIÑATA is a decorated vessel (such as of papier-mâché) filled with candies, fruits, and gifts and hung up to be broken with sticks by ...

Piñata - Wikipedia

A piñata is a container, often made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth, that is decorated, filled with candy, and then broken as part of a celebration.

Column: San Diego artist Diana Benavídez's piñatas are filled with ...

Apr 9, 2022 ... Column: San Diego artist Diana Benavídez's piñatas are filled with meaning. Diana Benavidez in the Athenaeum Art Center gallery.

The Chinese Origins Behind The Mexican Piñata

Oct 18, 2016 ... The traditional style of piñata is a seven coned star, each cone standing as one of the seven deadly sins. The breaking of the piñata symbolizes ...

Pinatas - definition of Pinatas by The Free Dictionary

Define Pinatas. Pinatas synonyms, Pinatas pronunciation, Pinatas translation, English dictionary definition of Pinatas. n. 1. A decorated container filled ...

Pinata - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

The Mexican Spanish source, piñata, means "jug or pot," and the earliest Mexican and Aztec pinatas were clay pots full of fruit and sweets. The tradition can be ...

PIÑATA | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

5 days ago ... Meaning of piñata in English ... an object in the shape of an animal, etc. that contains sweets . It is hung up at parties and children hit it ...

Piñata Definition & Meaning |

Piñata definition, (in Mexico and Central America) a gaily decorated crock or papier-mâché figure filled with toys, candy, etc., and suspended from above, ...

Piñatas are essential in Mexican Posadas, and they have a rich ...

Dec 22, 2021 ... In Mexico, piñatas are a Christmas essential full of history, art and treats · The Posadas tradition · From Posadas to daily life · Recognizing ...