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Memo Emoji

WhatsApp and Facebook's designs depict an old-fashioned office memorandum on pink paper. Apple's suggests an informal note with the easter egg ofย ...

Memo emoji Meaning |

May 20, 2021 ... Take note: you might need this emoji! ... written tests, quotes, notes, records, reminders, term papers, and many other written documents.

Writing Hand Emoji

Used broadly to represent writing. Also used between words to show that a lesson is being learned and to indicate someone is taking notes. For example, โœ๏ธlookย ...

Memo emoji

The memo emoji shows a piece of paper with a pencil jotting down notes. Used for grocery lists, speeches, daily thoughts, or creative ideas,ย ...

Page Facing Up Emoji

Emoji Meaning. A white piece of paper, its top right corner curled or dog-eared, with text printed on it, as a business letter or icon for a document on aย ...

Memo Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z

The image of a sheet of paper with a pencil pointed towards it is the emoji for memo. This emoji can be used to emphasize something that should be writtenย ...

Memo Emoji | Emojiguide

Url Copied! This Memo Is Also Known As: paper emoji. writing emoji. notepad emoji. emoji sheets. emoji notes. checklist.

Memo Emoji โ€” Meaning, Copy & Paste

Memo emoji is the picture of a sheet of paper with the text on it โ€” it is meant for public speeches in order not... Combinations: Princess Diaries.

- Memo Emoji: U+1F4DD - Unicode Character Table

A note or memo. A white paper sheet presenting a text written on it with a yellow pencil. The pencil is depicted hereby at a 45-degree angle.

' ' meaning: memo, memorandum Emoji | EmojiAll

This is the emoji of the memo. There is a yellow pencil on a white piece of paper and a pink eraser on the top of the pencil. It generally means a memo,ย ...