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Full Name p smiley face
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List of emoticons - Wikipedia

Symbols for the mouth vary, e.g. ")" for a smiley face or "(" for a sad face. One can also add a "}" after the mouth character to indicate a beard.

Emoticon keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut. Emoticon. :) Smiley face. :-) Smiley face. :] Content face. ;). Winky face. ;-). Winky face. :D. Thrilled face. :-D. Thrilled face. ;P. Goofy face.

Urban Dictionary: :P

An emoticon showing a tongue protruding from one's face. This can often be disrespectful, or simply a way of being cute. I'm gonna tell Becky about last night!

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Nov 19, 2019 ... Business owners and Battle Creek residents have been noticing smiley face graffiti popping up in public places over the last two months.

What is the full list of emoticons? | Skype Support

Kissing face with smiling eyes, (kissingfacewithsmilingeyes). Cheeky emoticon, Cheeky, :P :-P :=P :p :-p :=p (tongueout). Face with tongue emoticon ...

Smileys Symbols Copy and Paste シ ッ ツ ヅ

Not only do emoji faces provide more fun, but also clear message ambiguity and enable better comprehension. Smiley face text symbols enrich text-based ...

15 Popular Codes For Smiley Faces & Their Meanings

Sep 8, 2009 ... : - P or : - p or :-b is an emoticon to tease, often used as a joke. 6. Open mouth. :-O or : - () stands for surprise or shock. 7. Distorted ...

Circled Latin Small Letter P Smiley Face U+24DF

p Circled Latin Small Letter P Smiley Face U+24DF · How to Write the Circled Latin Small Letter P Symbol p on Keyboard? · Download Image | Circled Latin Small ...

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Sep 29, 2021 ... The proposed design for the melting face emoji, one of 37 new emojis that will begin rolling out later this year. ... By Anna P. Kambhampaty.

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