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finger circle - Urban Dictionary

Where you make the OK ' ' sign and fool your friends so they look at it. ... they look be clear it' Just this but turned upside down below your waist.

When the O.K. Sign Is No Longer O.K. - The New York Times

Dec 15, 2019 ... Here is how a hand gesture long seen as innocuous was appropriated to signify 'white power.'

Upside down - Urban Dictionary

an alternate dimension that people go in the tv show. did you watch stranger things last night? yeah! my favorite part was when they showed the upside down! by ...

What does the upside down 'OK' hand signal mean? : r/OutOfTheLoop

Apr 29, 2018 ... It is associated with the game you remember from school. In the past year or so on social media (particularly Twitter) people started doing it ...

The Circle Game - Urban Dictionary

The Victim does not look down at the signal. ... creates a circle with their thumb and forefinger, not unlike an "A-Okay" signal, somewhere below his waist.

OK hand sign added to list of hate symbols - BBC News

Sep 27, 2019 ... They operate mainly online and use coded language and memes that might seem innocuous, but if you drill down into them they have meaning." The ...

ok sign - Urban Dictionary

AKA the "white power sign" for some morons. They say that the three fingers make a "w", while the index finger and the thumb along with your wrist makes "p" ...

This Hand Gesture Is Not Always 'OK.' It Depends on Intent, Culture

Oct 9, 2019 ... The park employee formed an upside-down OK gesture with his fingers. The three fingers supposedly represent "w" for white and the OK circle ...

upside down ok hand sign meaning urban dictionary

upside down ok hand sign meaning urban dictionary. May 22, 2021; Uncategorized. Definition of upset the applecart in the Idioms Dictionary.

Upside-Down Face emoji Meaning |

Mar 1, 2018 ... This is not meant to be a formal definition of Upside-Down Face emoji like most terms we define on, but is rather an informal ...