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Flag of Fiji - Wikipedia

It is a defaced cyan "Blue Ensign" (the actual Blue Ensign version of the flag is the Government ensign), with the shield from the ...

Fiji to keep union jack on its flag | Fiji | The Guardian

Aug 17, 2016 ... The current flag features the union jack along with a coat of arms with a lion holding a cacao pod, and the local symbols of sugarcane, coconuts ...

23 (1st Round) 'Finalists' for New Fiji Flag – Portland Flag Association

Jun 9, 2015 ... 23 (1st Round) 'Finalists' for New Fiji Flag · 'Fiji Blue' provides continuity from the 1970–2015 flag, remaining the 'banner blue' of the ...

flag of Fiji | Britannica

national flag consisting of a light blue field (background) bearing a Union Jack in the canton and the shield of the national coat of arms at the fly end.

Fiji Raises the Flag of Independence After 96 Years of Rule by ...

Oct 10, 1970 ... Prince Charles represented his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as the new country's flag was raised in the sunlight before a multiracial crowd of ...

Fiji to Remove Union Jack From National Flag | Time

Feb 3, 2015 ... Fijian flags are waved during pool play at the Rugby Sevens tournament in Wellington, New Zealand on February 0, 2012. Marty Melville—AFP/Getty ...

Fiji Cruise Blog | The Symbolism, History and Future of Fiji's Flag

Referring to the current symbols as 'out of date' and 'no longer relevant', he suggested the new flag will reflect Fiji's position in the world today as a ...

Why Fiji Didn't Change Its Flag – Anton Pihl

Oct 9, 2016 ... The current Fijian flag is a light blue version of the British Blue Ensign with the coat of arms of Fiji in the fly. It was adopted as an update ...

Fiji Launches Contest To Design New National Flag : The Two-Way ...

Mar 2, 2015 ... Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama announced last month that Fiji would have a new flag — one without the Union Jack, which he said represents ...

Fiji Looks to Break Colonial Shackles With New Flag - WSJ

Feb 3, 2015 ... WELLINGTON, New Zealand—The Pacific island nation of Fiji is the latest country to announce plans to rid its flag of Britain's Union Jack.