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Top Emoji Trends of 2021

Dec 31, 2021 ... The ❀️‍ Heart on Fire taking the top spot here is consistent with our earlier research this year ahead of World Emoji Day, where we foundΒ ...

The Most Popular Emojis | Brandwatch

Aug 26, 2021 ... The most-used emojis in 2021 Β· 10. Face with folded hands Β· 9. Smiling face with hearts Β· 8. Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes Β· 7. FireΒ ...

What Were the Most Frequently Used Emoji of 2021?

Dec 6, 2021 ... What Are the Top 10 Emojis of 2021? · Face with tears of joy · ❀️ Red heart · Rolling on the floor laughing · Thumbs up · Loudly crying ...

Tears of Joy Remained Most Used Emoji in 2021 - MacRumors

Dec 2, 2021 ... Tears of Joy continued to be one of the most popular emoji used worldwide in 2021, according to the Unicode Consortium's list of the topΒ ...

Emoji Statistics [Updated January 2022]

Each year on July 17, Emojipedia hosts the World Emoji Awards. The 2021 awards were as follows: Most Popular New Emoji. Any emoji approved in 2020 isΒ ...

The most-used emoji of 2021 has been revealed - and Gen Z won't ...

Dec 8, 2021 ... According to the Unicode Consortium's annual analysis of emoji use worldwide, the 'Tears of Joy' icon has come out on top as the most-usedΒ ...

Here Are the Most-Used Emojis of 2021 - The New York Times

Dec 9, 2021 ... Tears of joy prevailed as the most-used emoji in 2021, despite Gen Z's stated contempt for it.

Most-Used Emoji in 2021, According to the Unicode Consortium

Dec 2, 2021 ... The laugh-cry emoji may be uncool, but it's still the most-used emoji of 2021 Β· The laugh-cry emoji, or , is the most-used emoji in the world,Β ...

Emoji Frequency – Unicode

Dec 2, 2021 ... The Most Frequently Used Emoji of 2021. By Jennifer Daniel, Unicode Emoji Subcommittee Chair. Error: Unable to load file: emoji.png.

'Face with tears of joy' is once again the most-used emoji - The Verge

Dec 3, 2021 ... 24 face with tears of joy emoji, each more terrifying than the last. Until recently, I was a firm believer in the traditional smiley emoji. 'Β ...