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Full Name meaning of glancing
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Glancing Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of GLANCING is hitting so as to glance off. How to use glancing in a sentence.

GLANCING | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

8 days ago ... glancing | American Dictionary ... touching or hitting you quickly and lightly from the side rather than from the front, and usually not doing ...

Glancing Definition & Meaning |

Glancing definition, striking obliquely and bouncing off at an angle: a glancing blow. See more.

Glance Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Definition of glance ... 2 : to strike a surface obliquely so as to go off at an angle The bullet glanced off the wall. ... 4 : to touch on a subject or refer to it ...

Glance Definition & Meaning |

Glance definition, to look quickly or briefly. See more.

Glancing definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Glancing definition: A glancing blow is one that hits something at an angle rather than from directly in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...

Glancing and Then Looking: On the Role of Body, Affect ... - Frontiers

Dec 20, 2011 ... Cognitive control is typically defined as the biasing of cognitive functions, perhaps especially perception and response, to promote 'task- ...

Glance definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

A glance is a quick look at someone or something. We exchanged a glance. ... If you glance at something or someone, you look at them very quickly and then look ...

Glancing and then looking: on the role of body, affect, and meaning ...

Dec 20, 2011 ... In humans, there is a trade-off between the need to respond optimally to the salient environmental stimuli and the need to meet our ...

a glancing blow | meaning of a glancing blow in Longman Dictionary ...

a glancing blow meaning, definition, what is a glancing blow: a hit that partly misses so that it does...: Learn more.