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Full Name list of wikipedia languages
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Keywords list of wikipedia languages

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The Meta-Wiki language committee manages policies on creating new Wikimedia projects. To beย ...

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Each entry gives the language name in English (linked to the English Wikipedia article for the language); its "local name" (ย ...

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This page is a list of lists of languages. Contents. 1 Published lists; 2 English Wikipedia list articles. 2.1 Comprehensive lists; 2.2 By regionย ...

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2 days ago ... List of Wikipedias by language group ; English (en) ; polski (pl) ; ั€ัƒััะบะธะน (ru) ; portuguรชs (pt) ; ุงุฑุฏูˆ (ur)ย ...

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This article ranks human languages by their number of native speakers. Current distribution of human language families. However, all such rankings should beย ...

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This is a list of languages by total number of speakers. It is difficult to define what constitutes a language as opposed to a dialect. Some languagesย ...

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These are mostly English words, with some other languages finding ... Wikipedia word frequency list ... From diacritical marks in the Dutch language. A listย ...

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List of languages ยท Badaga (Dravidian); Badeshi (Indo-Iranian) ยท Caddo (Caddoan); Cahuilla (Uto-Aztecan) ยท Dagbani (Gur); Dahlik (Semitic) ยท Eastern Yugur (Mongolic)ย ...

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(Links to any pertinent language word lists already in the FS Wiki. If no word lists exist in the FS Wiki, link to good-quality,ย ...

Needed images list (wiki) for future Wikipedia articles - General ...

Dec 17, 2020 ... Then, another volunteer can upload the image to Wikimedia Commons and the image can be used on a future Wikipedia article (any language).