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Historically, astrological and astronomical symbols overlapped. Frequently used symbols ... Name, Meaning, Image, Text, Emoji, Unicode, Symbol represents.

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Zodiac Symbols UniCode ; ♌︎, Leo (Lion), U+264C ; ♍︎, Virgo (Virgin), U+264D ; ♎︎, Libra (Scale), U+264E ; ♏︎, Scorpio (Scorpion), U+264F.

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Some glyphs were updated, such as the Sheqel symbol. It was redesigned to be recognizable by contemporary Hebrew readers, since the original Sheqel symbol ...

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Aug 26, 2003 ... Specifying Wingdings font is contrary to the published HTML ... d, 100, 0x64, libra, ♎, 9806, U+264E, Libra, Miscellaneous Symbols.

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When you have some text, how can you choose a typeface? Many people—professional designers included—go through an app's font menu until we find one we like. But ...