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Fire Force: 10 Different Ways To Interpret Látom

Mar 15, 2020 ... When translated, látom means "I see it" in Hungarian. This is thought to be similar to when people of religious associations use amen at the end ...

What Does Látom Mean? | The Word Counter

Feb 7, 2021 ... Overall, the word látom is originally a Hungarian word meaning 'I see it,' or 'I perceive it.' This word has become popularized by the Japanese ...

What does Látom mean? : r/firebrigade

Jul 18, 2019 ... Since the Fire Force's religion is based on Catholics, "Latom" is an equivalent to "Amen". Upvote 2

What Is Látom Prayer mean In Fire Force? En En no Shouboutai

Feb 26, 2020 ... 'Látom' is a term used to close any prayer – equivalent to Amen used by Christians. The term has also been found in the Hungarian vocabulary to ...

Fun Fact: The word Látom actually means 'I see it' in Hungarian : r ...

Feb 9, 2021 ... he says that since the church in Fire Force is a solar religion that worships the sun, he made up 'latom' from 'Ra' which is the name of the ...

látom - Wiktionary

Már látom! ― I can see it now! Retrieved from "átom&oldid=63477544". Last edited 10 months ago by Adam78.

What Does The Name Latom Mean?

A user from Brazil says the name Latom is of English origin and means "Contracted form of : Amen To The Gods". A user from South Africa says the name Latom is ...

Why do the characters of Fire Force always say "Látom"? - Anime ...

Sep 19, 2019 ... So, to bring it all back to the original question, "látom" is being used in the same way that a Christian would say "amen", to mark the end ...

látom‎ (Hungarian): meaning, origin, definition - WordSense Dictionary

WordSense Dictionary: látom - ✓ meaning, ✓ definition, ✓ origin, ... látom. Inflection of lát (first-person singular indic present definite) Már látom!‎

Here's What the Word 'Látom' Means in Fire Force | Dunia Games

Oct 6, 2021 ... The word 'látom' is mentioned a lot in Fire Force, but do you know the meaning of it? Find out more about the term in this article!