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Kommunist - Wikipedia

Kommunist (Russian: Коммунист), named Bolshevik (Большевик) until 1952, was a Soviet journal. The journal was started in 1924. ... The founders were Nikolai ...

What does kommunist mean?

Kommunist was a Soviet magazine. It was the official theoretical and political organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Kommunist | translate German to English: Cambridge Dictionary

6 days ago ... Kommunist translate: Communist, Communist. ... Translation of Kommunist – German–English dictionary ... Kommunist(in) · See all meanings.

English Translation of 'Kommunist' | Collins German-English ...

DeclensionKommunistin is a feminine noun and Kommunist is a masculine noun. Remember that, in German, both the spelling of the word and the article ...

Definition 'Kommunist' (communist, …) - meaning, synonyms ...

Definition German noun Kommunist (communist, …): Anhänger des Kommunismus with definitions, descriptions, explanations, synonyms and grammatical information ...

du Scheiß-Kommunist - Translation into English - examples German ...

Translations in context of "du Scheiß-Kommunist" in German-English from Reverso Context:

Kommunism - definition of Kommunism by The Free Dictionary

study of the policies, doctrines, programs, etc., of the government of the Soviet Union. — Kremlinologist, n. Leninism. the political doctrines of Vladimir ...

Kommunist meaning in English » DictZone German-English dictionary

kommunist meaning in English ; Kommunisten pl. communists ▽ ; Kommunistin [der Kommunistin; die Kommunistinnen] Substantiv kɔmu'nɪstɪn. communist ▽ noun.

Molchat Doma - Я не коммунист (Ya ne kommunist) lyrics + English ...

Feb 9, 2020 ... Translation of 'Я не коммунист (Ya ne kommunist)' by Molchat Doma (Молчат дома) from Russian to English.

Glossary – Seventeen Moments in Soviet History

Also a journal, later renamed Kommunist. ... A defined range of characters defined for a given actor, which define their acting roles or, for singers, ...