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7️⃣ Keycap: 7 Emoji

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Basic Information



Shortcode :seven:
Full Name Keycap: 7
Codepoint 0037 FE0F 20E3
URL Escape Code 7%EF%B8%8F%E2%83%A3
Unicode Version U+0037 U+FE0F U+20E3
Emoji Version Version 3.0
Category Symbols
Sub Category Keycap
Keywords Keycap: 7 emoji

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7️⃣ Keycap: 7 Emoji — Dictionary of Emoji, Copy & Paste

Keycap: 7 — this emoji denotes the number 7 key on the ⌨️ Keyboard. This emoticon consists of two emojis glued together by a ZWJ symbol.

7️⃣ Keycap: 7 Emoji | Seven Emoji

Copy! Google (Android 12L) Google. Android 12L. 7️⃣ Meaning. Unicode CLDR Emoji Annotations:.

7️⃣ Keycap: 7 Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z

Get 7️⃣ meaning, pictures and codes to copy & paste! The Keycap: 7 Emoji first appeared in 2016. The Keycap: 7 Emoji represents a keyboard button with the ...

'7⃣' meaning: keycap: 7 Emoji | EmojiAll

This is a keycap digit seven with the number 7 written on it. It will be used when entering numbers on the keyboard ⌨️ or when dialing a phone number ☎️ ...

7️⃣ Keycap: 7 Emoji ❤️

Emoji Dictionary:7️⃣ Keycap: 7 Emoji Emoji. ... Noun, Seven number number seven Caleb Logan LeBlanc baseball player 5.

'7' meaning: digit seven, number seven Emoji | EmojiAll

7 is not an official Emoji, but it can be used as a Unicode character. There is another emoji with a similar meaning to digit seven: 7⃣ (keycap: 7), ...

7️⃣ Keycap Digit Seven Emoji

Emoji Meaning. The Keycap Digit Seven emoji is a keycap sequence combining 7️ Digit Seven and ⃣ Combining Enclosing Keycap. These display as a single ...

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Discover the keycaps emoji. Every button on the telephone keypad can be represented with one of the keycap emojis. See how this emoji renders across ...

Meaning of 7️⃣ Keycap: 7 Emoji with images

At that time Emojis pressed the 7️⃣ Keycap: 7 and called their full names. ... In communication use Emojis this symbol in connection with number 7.

Keycap: 7 Emoji (U+37, U+FE0F, U+20E3)

Phantom Open Emoji Picture, Not created yet. ASCII Conversion. "Short Code" Name, :seven: Keywords. Previous Names: Keycap 7. Blue Square Button Seven ...