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Shortcode :one:
Full Name Keycap: 1
Codepoint 0031 FE0F 20E3
URL Escape Code 1%EF%B8%8F%E2%83%A3
Unicode Version U+0031 U+FE0F U+20E3
Emoji Version Version 3.0
Category Symbols
Sub Category Keycap
Keywords Keycap: 1 emoji

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22/08/2020 · Meaning of 1?? Keycap: 1 Emoji. Keycap: 1 — this emoji denotes the number 1 key on the ?? Keyboard. …

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copy. The image of a moon with a smiling face, hiding in shadow - an emoji which is sometimes perceived to be creepy, however this is a regular new moon, with a face on it. It is used in many situations, from relatable moments to nostalgia or even weirdness. Moon Emoji can mean 'Remembering those nights we used to go out as teens!'.

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