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Japanese postal mark - Wikipedia

Historically, it was used by the Ministry of Communications (逓信省, Teishin-shō), which operated the postal service. The mark is a stylized katakana syllable ...

The Story Behind Japan's Postal Logo | Spoon & Tamago

Sep 5, 2018 ... If you live in Japan, surely you've seen it before. It's a symbol that looks like the capital letter T but with an additional horizontal ...

words - How is the postal code symbol pronounced? - Japanese ...

Jul 12, 2018 ... According to Wikipedia the symbol itself is named 郵便記号ゆうびんきごう , but EDICT/Jisho also lists ゆうびん as "reading" for it.

154-0015: ZIP Code / Postcode of Sakurashimmachi, Setagayaku ...

Apr 13, 2021 ... 〒 is the symbol of the Japanese postal services, and is used as a Japanese postal code mark. Postcode data : last modified in 2021-03. It is ...

Postal symbol | The Japan Times

May 21, 2013 ... The symbol you're asking about is officially called the yūbin kigō (postal symbol) but most people refer to it simply as the yūbin māku (postal ...

Postal Information for Japan

Aug 7, 2021 ... Japanese addresses · 1 - postal symbol: It precedes the postal code. · 2 - postal code: It consists of seven digits. · 3 - prefecture name: In this ...

Why Japanese Post Boxes Are Red, the Origins of Japan's Postal ...

Jan 6, 2022 ... So the postal symbol 〒 is said to be derived from the kana letter テ. Japan's postal mark. Image: Postal Museum Japan. But actually, there's a ...

How do I type the postal code mark in Japan on a Japanese ...

Jan 15, 2020 ... Can you touch " yuubinn " by keys and enter key. You can find it.|〒 Yes, probably OK by it. But, can you copy above mark with your PC?

Enter symbols using a Japanese input source on Mac - Apple Support

When using a Japanese input source on your Mac, enter symbols by typing the symbol's reading and then performing a conversion, or using shortcuts.

Japanese Addresses: How to Read, Write, Say & Understand Them ...

Mar 17, 2022 ... Japanese postal codes are seven-digit numbers hyphenated between the third and ... usually paired with the symbol 丁目, pronounced 'chome.