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Learn about comment settings - YouTube Help

Hidden users ยท Open YouTube Studio. ยท From the left, click Settings and then Community. ยท Under the "Automated Filters" tab, scroll to "Blocked words." ยท Add wordsย ...

YouTube confirms a test where the comments are hidden by default ...

Jun 21, 2019 ... YouTube's comments section has a bad reputation. ... Now, the company is considering a design change that hides the comments by default. Theย ...

How do you bring back hidden comments? - YouTube Community

May 6, 2019 ... Ok, so I've had a small problem recently, and I'd really like to know how to fix it. I accidentally hid a friend of mine from YouTubeย ...

Why are some comments hidden? : r/youtube

Jan 21, 2016 ... I replied to that comment a few weeks ago. Google chrome notified me someone replied under it today but when I checked it, I couldn't see myย ...

Why Is YouTube Hiding My Comments? | Tubefluence

Nov 10, 2020 ... Most of the time, YouTube comments get hidden to reduce spam. Typically, comments get hidden if they contain links or come from accounts thatย ...

How to hide/view comments on YouTube videos - Quora

Click the channel picture on the top right corner, then at the bottom there is a 'Restricted mode', turn that on, then all comments will be hidden.

How To Fix 'Restricted Mode Has Hidden Comments for This Video'

Oct 9, 2021 ... When you want to read the comments section under a particular video on YouTube, and you see the message 'Restricted Mode has hidden commentsย ...

How to cancel 'Hide user from channel' on Youtube comment ...

May 28, 2018 ... You can find your hidden users in the YouTube Studio > Settings > Community.

How to Remove 'Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this ...

Dec 24, 2020 ... 1. Disable restricted mode ยท Open the YouTube app. ยท On the top right of your screen, tap on 'More' (triple-dots icon). ยท Tap on Settings, then tapย ...

Hide YouTube Comments

Jun 5, 2019 ... 1 (Dec 12, 2014): Fixed a bug with hidden "Show more" button below video descriptions - 0.6 (Sep 13, 2014): Updated to work with the recentย ...