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The Prayer Hand | Prayer Resource | The Navigators

The Prayer Hand is an easy way to remember five essential aspects of prayer: confession, petition, intercession, thanksgiving and praise.

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Christian life crisis prayer to god. Woman Pray for god blessing to wishing have a. Hands folded in prayer on a Holy Bible in church concept for faith,ย ...

Person with Folded Hands Emoji

Two hands placed firmly together, meaning please or thank you in Japanese culture. A common alternative use for this emoji is for prayer, using the sameย ...


THE PRAYER HAND. Many believers find extended time in prayer is a difficult spiritual discipline. Here's an easy way to remember five essential aspects.

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Download the perfect praying hands pictures. Find over 100+ of the best free praying hands images. Free for commercial use โœ“ No attribution requiredย ...

The Prayer Hand for Kids (Lord's Prayer) Ministry-To-Children

Jul 21, 2016 ... The Fingers in the Prayer Hand ; PRAISE (thumb) ; THANKS (1 ยท finger) ; SORRY (middle finger) ; ASK (ring finger) ; OTHERS (PINKY)ย ...

With Folded Hands | An Introduction to Prayer Positions

Aug 4, 2016 ... We can pray any time; why hold our hands in certain ways, and why stand during some prayers but kneel during others? Prayer is communicationย ...

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Sep 3, 2021 ... The fingers on your left hand represent who to pray for, and the fingers on your right hand represent what to pray for. If you remember theseย ...

The Hand Prayer

The Bible says, 'Every day I call upon you, O Lord; I spread out my hands to you.' (Psalm. 88:9 ESV). Here's a way to pray using your hands. The five fingers onย ...

Five Finger Prayer for Children (Easy Print PDF) Ministry-To-Children

Aug 29, 2011 ... All this lines up with the five fingers of their hand. There are a few different versions of the five-finger prayer on the Internet (hereย ...