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Full Name hmmm emoticon
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Japanese Emoticons; Thinking and more | Emoticon wiki | Fandom

Um( ̄- ̄;)hmmm. What was it again?(゚~゚)ヾ. (-_-)Hmmmm. (-_-;H--mm. 「(´へ`;Ermmm. (━_━)ゝHmmm. (ーΩー )Hmm~mm... (~ヘ~;)Hmm.. o(´^`)o Ughh.

Thinking Face Emoji

Intended to show a person pondering or deep in thought. Often used to question or scorn something or someone, as if saying Hmm, I don't know about that. Tone ...

(ಠ ಠ) Hmm | FastEmoji

Hmm reaction, smirk, smile, lashes, eyes,ham,hem,him,hum,35mm,answer,attitude,backlash,feedback,feeling,opinion ... Email Emoji to Friends Link to "Hmm" ...

Hmm Kaomoji: Japanese Emoticons (ಠ ಠ)

One-click copy and paste kawaii kaomoji: Japanese emoticons, text faces list, keyboard and meanings. Kaomoji: Japanese Emoticons. Hmm. (ಠ⌣ಠ) (・o・)

Thinking Face Emoji | Emojiguide

This Thinking Face Is Also Known As: · thinking emoji · hmm emoji · hmmm emoji · wondering emoji · interesting emoji · skeptical emoji · hm emoji · doubt emoji.

hmm | Funny emoticons, Funny emoji, Blue emoji

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Hmmm Text Emoticons

Hmmm ; :-/ · Rank · ☆ Average ; :-/ · Updated, 2007 ; Description: Means the person is thinking about something. Can be entered as either :-/ ...

What is the full list of emoticons? | Skype Support

Mmmm emoticon, Mmmmm... (mm) (mmm) (mmmm). Love earth emoticon, Love Earth, (loveearth). Rainbow smiley emoticon, Rainbow smile, (rainbowsmile).

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