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Hand-waving Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of HAND-WAVING is movement with the hand or hands made as a signal to another. How to use hand-waving in a sentence.

Hand-waving - Wikipedia

Hand-waving (with various spellings) is a pejorative label for attempting to be seen as effective – in word, reasoning, or deed – while actually doing ...

Wave a hand definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

If you wave or wave your hand, you move your hand from side to side in the air, usually in order to say hello or goodbye to someone. [...] Wave is also a noun.

Hand waving Definition & Meaning |

Hand waving definition, insubstantial words, arguments, gestures, or actions used in an attempt to explain or persuade. See more.

Waving Hand Sign Emoji

Emoji Meaning. A hand waving most commonly used to say 'hello' or 'goodbye'. This emoji can be used to convey a sense of not ...

HANDWAVE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

7 days ago ... Meaning of handwave in English ... to behave or talk as if a problem, question, etc. is not important or worth serious attention, for example by ...

The Origin of the Shaka | Hawaiian Airlines

One day, Kalili's right hand got caught in the rollers, and his middle, index and ring fingers were ... A little wave of the hand spreads a lot of aloha.

60 Hand Gestures You Should Be Using and Their Meaning

The single wave. This is the standard hand wave used across the world. What it Means: Hello! I love the wave. I use it ...

handwave - Wiktionary

NounEdit · (literally) The wave of a hand. quotations ▽. 1871, Archibald Forbes, My Experiences of the War Between France and Germany, Volume II, 2005 facsimile ...

hand waving - Urban Dictionary

Also written handwaving. In formal conversation / speech omitting important details about the subject matter either because 1) the audience is perceived to ...