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The 'OK' Hand Gesture Is Now Listed As A Symbol Of Hate : NPR

Sep 26, 2019 ... The "OK" hand gesture, commonly seen as a way of indicating that all is ... sign has been deployed in memes and other images promoting hate.

How the 'OK' Symbol Became a Popular Trolling Gesture | Anti ...

May 1, 2017 ... Has the simple thumb-and-forefinger 'OK' hand gesture become a ... from the 'I can haz cheeseburger' cat meme to the concept of Rickrolling.

OK Symbol | Know Your Meme

The "OK" Symbol is a hand gesture commonly used to signal that "all is well." Since as early as 2016, the symbol has been frequently associated with the ...

Okay Hand Gesture | Anti-Defamation League

A common hand gesture that a 4chan trolling campaign claimed in 2017 had been appropriated as a symbol meaning "white power." Used by many on the right--not ...

When the O.K. Sign Is No Longer O.K. - The New York Times

Dec 15, 2019 ... Here is how a hand gesture long seen as innocuous was ... The gesture has become an extremist meme, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Circle Game Meaning & Origin | Slang by

Mar 1, 2018 ... Important context: While the 'OK' hand gesture has many ... often as an online meme, marking a new digital era of the schoolyard game.

That hand symbol you're seeing everywhere? Not OK - The Boston ...

Sep 21, 2018 ... It involves forming your thumb and index finger into a circle, holding the gesture below your waistline, and finding ways to make your ...

The many meanings of the pinched fingers emoji - BBC News

Feb 3, 2020 ... For example, according to journalist Kim Zetter, the gesture can have a ... for making a gesture with her hand in the shape of a dumpling.

How the 'Okay' hand sign keeps tricking us into looking

Dec 16, 2019 ... A gesture appeared on the broadcast of the Army-Navy football game, ... along with other memes that have been at least partially radicalized ...

OK hand sign added to list of hate symbols - BBC News

Sep 27, 2019 ... Members of the far-right group Proud Boys made the hand gesture at a ... they regularly create new symbols, memes and slogans to express ...