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Hammer And Sickle Character Emoji

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Full Name hammer and sickle character
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Hammer and sickle - Wikipedia

The hammer and sickle (Unicode: "โ˜ญ") is a symbol meant to represent proletarian solidarity โ€“ a union between agricultural and industrial workers.

' ' U+262D Hammer and Sickle Unicode Character

Unicode Character 'โ˜ญ' (U+262D). โ˜ญ. Name: Hammer and Sickle. Unicode Version: 1.1 (June 1993). Block: Miscellaneous Symbols, U+2600 - U+26FF.

- Hammer and Sickle: U+262D - Unicode Character Table

A crossed hammer and sickle is the main symbol of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Since 1918 was a small emblem of the USSR. In 1924 he was portrayedย ...

Communist emoji (communist hammer and sickle symbol of Soviet)

Soviet Hammer and Sickle character - symbol of communism - the communist logo had first appeared in 1923 as an emblem on Soviet Union's flag.

Hammer and Sickle Emoji

This Unicode character has no emoji version, meaning this is intended to display only as a black and white glyph on most platforms. It has not beenย ...

Hammer and Sickle (1994) - IMDb

Hammer and Sickle: Directed by Sergey Livnev. With Aleksey Serebryakov, Evdokiya Germanova, ... The main character is changed from a woman into a man.

Hammer and Sickle HTML Symbol, Character and Entity Codes

Hammer and Sickle ; UNICODE. U+0262D ; HEX CODE. ☭ ; HTML CODE. ☭ ; HTML ENTITY. โ€” ; CSS CODE. 262D. // html example . // cssย ...

Swastika v. Hammer and Sickle: An Odd Logo Competition: Design ...

Oct 11, 2018 ... Yet while Stalin was branded the villain, the hammer and sickle remained the national symbol until the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991ย ...

Unicode Character 'HAMMER AND SICKLE' (U+262D)

Unicode Character 'HAMMER AND SICKLE' (U+262D) ; HTML Entity (hex), ☭ ; How to type in Microsoft Windows, Alt +262D ; UTF-8 (hex), 0xE2 0x98 0xAD (e298ad).

Mr. Hammer | Arkham Wiki | Fandom

Hammer had a Hammer and Sickle "โ˜ญ" tattoo, a symbol formerly that was used by his homeland, Russia, when it was the leader of the Soviet Union. It was alsoย ...