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Haircutting - definition of haircutting by The Free Dictionary

hair路cut 路 1. The act or an instance of cutting the hair. 路 2. A style in which hair is cut. 路 3. Slang A reduction, as in payment or value: "No one gets exactly聽...

Haircut Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Definition of haircut ; 1 路 the act or process of cutting and shaping the hair I need a ; 2 路 the way in which someone's hair is cut and shaped a short ; 3 路 a聽...

HAIRCUT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

the style in which someone's hair is cut, or an occasion of cutting the hair: She has a really awful haircut. I wish he'd get/have a haircut.

Haircut Definition and Example

A haircut refers to the lower-than-market value placed on an asset being used as collateral for a loan. The haircut is expressed as a percentage of the markdown聽...

Haircutting definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Haircutting definition: the act of cutting hair | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

haircut - Urban Dictionary

a slang term meaning to pop off for a sly wank when friends and family think you are somewhere else. "Where's John?" "Oh, he's gone for a haircut!" "Dirty聽...

Haircut Definition & Meaning |

Haircut definition, an act or instance of cutting the hair. See more.

Hair Cutting Terminology

Haircutting (also hair shaping) - is the process of cutting, tapering, texturizing and thinning using any hair cutting tools in order to create a shape.

What does haircutting mean? | Best 1 Definitions of Haircutting

Haircutting definition ... The act or service of cutting hair. noun. 0.

Haircut (finance) - Wikipedia

In finance, a haircut is the difference between the current market value of an asset and the value ascribed to that asset for purposes of calculating聽...