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What is a generation data group?

A generation data group (GDG) is a collection of historically related non-VSAM data sets that are arranged in chronological order. That is, each data set isย ...

GDG - Urban Dictionary

Stands for "God Damn Goon." Represents someone who appears to be a big time goon. Carrot Top is a GDG. Most typical Pittsburgh yinzers are GDG's.

GDG - What does GDG stand for? The Free Dictionary

Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are meant for developers who are interested in Google's development technology including the Android, App Engine, and Googleย ...

GDG - Definition by AcronymFinder

GDG, Generation Data Group. GDG, Gewerkschaft Der Gemeindebediensteten. GDG, Generation Data Group (mainframe related file grouping method).

Developer community programs | Professionals | Community Groups ...

Cecilia's career in mobile development began when her friend launched a Google Developer Groups (GDG) chapter in Guatemala and began to teach Androidย ...

JCL - Defining Datasets

Generation Data Groups (GDGs) are group of datasets related to each other by a common name. The common name is referred as GDG base and each dataset associatedย ...

GDG Organizers | Community Groups Programs | Google Developers

Organizers of Google Developer Groups are passionate leaders in their community who are dedicated to helping others learn and connect. GDG organizers planย ...

What does GDG Stand For in texting? 4 meanings of GDG

What does GDG mean? Get the full information of GDG acronym / abbreviation / slang definitions at Find out or define your GDG meaningย ...

Generation Data Groups (GDG's), an Introduction with Examples

A Generation Data Group (or GDG) is a group of related files that can be referenced individually or as a group. The files (or generations) within a GDG areย ...

What does GDG stand for?

Looking for the definition of GDG? Find out what is the full meaning of GDG on! 'Generation Data Group' is one option -- get in to viewย ...