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Bouquet Emoji

Bouquet. Emoji Meaning. A bouquet of brightly colored flowers. Generally depicted as a collection of pink and yellow ... Copy and paste this emoji: Copyย ...

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Bouquet emoji depicts the bunch of colorful flowers โ€” the one, which is often used as a present to anyone (including... Combinations: I'm sorry.

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Get meaning, pictures and codes to copy & paste! The Bouquet Emoji first appeared in 2010. The image of a bouquet of colorful flowers is the โ€ฆ

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Bouquet Emoji. Copy and paste this emoji: Copy. Noun, Flowers the mother bouquet leaves tulip, flowers Roses Salmon Bouquet of flowers Thing Pretty flowersย ...

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giving flowers Emojis ; ( โ€ข.โ€ข)โŠƒโœฟ(ยฐโ–ฝยฐ) You want my flower? ; ( โ€ขoโ€ข)โŠƒโœฟโŠ‚(ยดฯ‰`โŠ‚) Gimme that flower ; (-โ€ขUโ€ข)โŠƒโœฟ(ยฐoยฐ) I took this flower for you ; ส•เน‘โ€ขฬ แดฅ โ€ขฬ€ส”โc(ย ...

Bouquet Emoji (U+1F490)

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Bouquet emoji Meaning |

May 5, 2021 ... The Bouquet emoji depicts a bouquet of flowers. It is commonly used to represent bouquets, gifts, flowers, love, romance,ย ...